Biting my nails

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am doing a course in Management- pursuing a CVQ- Caribbean Vocational Qualification( S/O to CDACT for making this happen). The completion of this course is drawing nigh and I could not be any happier because let’s face it, I am freakin’ tired man.

Anyway, for the past few weeks I have noticed that I am biting my nails, not like here or there but consistently and i figured it out. This course has many topics, one of which is “PROJECT MANAGEMENT”, I can safely say that I hate project Management. This topic comes with 9 assignments that we have to complete in 4 classes….mind you due to the storm we missed a class and not everything was taught to assist with this and I AM DYING!

This has caused me to be frustrated and anxious ergo the biting of the nails- I used to bite my nails years ago and now I love long nails, they add beauty to the hands In my opinion but here I am biting my damn nails, having my hands look janky and being frustrated.

On top of that, today I discovered that one of my assignments is GONE. A 500 word essay that I sat down and wrote is gone, I cannot find it anywhere, I have searched through folders upon folders on this pc and still nothing. Yes I cried.

After a tiny melt down, I went on instagram and i saw these words…mountain.jpg

Can we say timely…

Sigh, this means that God knew this frustration even before I chose to begin this course. Now I have to sit down and copy and paste my life all over again LOL. This will NOT be today.

I am now finished with 8 out of 9 assignment because ย Assignment 1 is gone (insert tears)

It will get done, no worries.

Anywhoo loves, it’s around 1:49 p.m, I have to share the food for my family and I do not feel like it…..that too will get done.

Enjoy the rest of your day fam and remember I love you for reading.


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